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The project

The initial idea was to produce a journalistic comic report dealing with the Venezuelan migratory crisis in Roraima. However, as the story progressed, through surveys and interviews, we learned about remarkable stories, both from Venezuelan migrants and residents from Roraima, as well as from other Brazilian states.

Hence, the idea arose to continue the project, telling the stories of these characters who give us examples of the human capacity to put themselves in the place of the other and thus reach out to help, collaborate and share the extreme moments, be they of joy or of sadness.

Thus, we have included in this edition small stories, addressing specific characters or themes that are part of this moment in the history of Roraima. At this time, we will make our work available in the Webcomics format. However, we continue to seek support for a printed version.

Do you like the idea? Want to support us? Contact us using the website form.