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An authorial and independent work in the format of Journalism in Comics

I follow the careers of great comic artists who develop their work in Comic Journalism. Artists like Maltese Joe Sacco, Canadian Kate Evans and Brazilian Alexandre de Maio. These artists inform, explain and assist in the construction of a more just and well-informed world.

As someone who was born in Roraima, I am geographically positioned in the center of what is perhaps the largest and most intense migratory flow in the region, a logical consequence of hunger, mistreatment, lack of hope by the Venezuelan brothers who arrive by the hundreds, to the poorest state in Brazil, since 2015.

Observing, on a daily basis, this human life drama, in its daily struggle for survival, it was inevitable not to think about a comic book to record this chapter of history but that above all could help people to understand this difficult moment in our lives, Venezuelans and Brazilians.

So, two years ago, "that" inner voice began to question me why I had not yet taken responsibility for telling this story? With that in mind, I started to mature the idea, talking to friends, family members, interacting with several Venezuelan migrants and, in early 2019, I decided to get the idea out of my head and materialize it in the work that I present to you today.

This project, totally independent, took months of work, hours of rest that were replaced by the dream of writing, drawing and contributing with a comic report, which portrayed the reality of this migratory phenomenon and its consequences in Roraima society, from the perspective of a local.